An environmentally safe and powerful way to treat water

A superior product

Our line of GrowFlow and GoFlow magnetic water conditioners harness the power of rare-earth permanent magnets to diminish the adverse effects of high salinity and hard water. They come in a range of magnet strengths and sizes to suit a wide array of needs.
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How it works

The intense magnetic field produced by our GrowFlow and GoFlow conditioners interferes with the ionic charges of the mineral salts in water. This results in the water acting softer. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium, lose their ability to bond and no longer set like cement, and sodium salts lose their ability to bind to the soil particles.

Where to use


Blockages in garden irrigation

Salty water affecting plants

Sodium causing the soil to set hard


Calcium scale in bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens

Calcium scale in swimming pools and filters

Calcium scale when you try to wash the car or the windows


Calcium scale damaging hot water systems and other appliances

Calcium scale blocking the evaporative air conditioner screens

Grow healthy plants

GrowFlow and GoFlow magnetic water conditioners are the ultimate solutions when dealing with problems caused by using water from underground.

They work to prevent leaf burn, reduce sodium and chloride build-up in plant tissue, and reduce sodium and chloride build-up in soil even when irrigating with saline waters. They also help clear previous salt build-up in soils, taking it down deeper into the ground away from the roots.

Prevent limescale

GrowFlow and GoFlow water conditioners prevent limescale building up in household appliances that use water and surfaces like tiles, sinks, and glass.

Minerals in hard water redeposit on pipes, hot water systems, household appliances and any other surface the water may come in contact with, building up as limescale.
Limescale build-up in industrial equipment reduces efficiency, increases fuel requirements, and increases maintenance time and costs. Maintaining scale-free surfaces allows maximum heat transfer and utilisation of equipment.
Limescale build-up reduces the interior diameter of pipes leading to inefficiency, blockage, and even total destruction of the pipe or appliance.


  • No chemicals or waste by-products
  • No electricity required
  • No maintenance or servicing required
  • No water volume limits
  • Never needs replacing – never wears out
  • A range of sizes to suit different pipes