Magnetic water conditioner enquiries

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    Electric conductivity E.C. (µS/cm)

    Total dissolved solids TDS (ppm)


    Sodium - Na (mg/L)

    Potassium - K (mg/L)

    Calcium - Ca (mg/L)

    Magnesium - Mg (mg/L)

    Iron - Fe (mg/L)

    Sulfate - SO4 (mg/L)

    Chloride - Cl (mg/L)

    Carbon Trioxide - CO3 (mg/L)

    Bicarbonate - HCO3 (mg/L)

    Nitrate - NO3 (mg/L)

    Total Alkalinity

    Calcium Hardness - CaCO3 (mg/L)

    Magnesium Hardness - MgCO3 (mg/L)

    Total Hardness

    Salinity Class


    Larson-Skold Index