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Magnets have long been used as a natural therapy for treatment of arthritis, migraines, headaches, joint pain, back pain, and more. This powerful energy is becoming more widely recognised as a useful tool in pain relief. However not all magnetic therapy is created equal – the effectiveness of the treatment is relative to the strength of the magnet.

How does it work?

Magnetic Influence magnetic therapy uses 12,500 gauss magnets* where most other brands only use 1000 gauss magnets. The gauss measures the intensity of the magnet, allowing penetration into the area of pain. The diagram on the right illustrates how the intensity of a Magnetic Influence magnet is stronger to penetrate further. The penetration of a weaker magnet will be proportional to this.

A range of uses

Our Magnetic Influence products can be used any time during the day or night, whenever you feel the pain of arthritis, migraines, headaches and joints as well as pain from back discomfort or sporting injuries.
Here are some of the main uses of magnetic therapy^:
  • Migraines, stress headaches, sinus problems and insomnia – people who suffer from these ailments can choose to wrap the strip around their head, or hang it around the neck. We suggest you apply the therapy as soon as possible when you feel a headache beginning.
  • Sore necks – you can place Magnetic Influence therapy products around your back to relieve sore necks. Make sure it is kept loose; there is no advantage in wrapping tightly like a tie. If you prefer, you can wear it under your clothing where no-one will see it or wrap it in a scarf to camouflage. It will replace a magnetic collar.
  • Back injuries – worn as a belt, Magnetic Influence products will act as an anti-spasmodic for soft tissue injury, a muscle-relaxant for cramping muscles and relieve pain by oxygenating the blood into the whole covered area.
  • Growing pains – Magnetic Influence therapy can be useful for children suffering growing pains. Just position the wrap around the aching leg or above or below the knee, depending on the painful area.
  • Relaxation – by laying a Magnetic Influence strip across the forehead while relaxing, this allows the magnetic energy to travel through the sinus passages and act as a muscle relaxant through facial. By placing magnets at the third eye area you will be stimulating the pineal gland. This gland acts like a transducer reacting to external stimuli such as heat, light or lack of light. In turn the pineal gland sends messages to other parts of the body to react.
  • Arthritis and gout – Magnetic Influence therapy reduces the pain and inflammation of both arthritis and gout in the feet. When wrapping around your leg, just above the ankle, but not too tightly as to limit the blood flow.

Many advantages

  • Effective – exceptionally strong magnets for magnetic therapy, thereby giving effective relief. All our therapy products have a 12,500 gauss strength.
  • Non-invasive – magnetic therapy is natural and very easy to use.
  • Flexibility – a more flexible, adaptable and attachable therapy than any on the market.
  • Convenience – the Magnetic Influence Multi-wrap and Bands each fold down to fit into the palm of your hand, thereby making them easily stored at home and travelling.
  • Concealment – our magnetic therapy products are designed to be discreet, so they can be easily hidden by clothing.
  • Economical – buy once, use unlimited times and SAVE money.


Magnetic Influence products can be used as long as you want, but usually will only be required a couple of hours a day. As with all health products if you feel uncomfortable, discontinue use.

Move the magnets so they are over the painful area. If you feel like extra support, you can use over a bandage (or under a cloth/wool innersole in the case of our insole) – the magnetic energy is powerful enough to travel through the cover.

The flat (south) works best for most people, so try it against your body first. However, not everyone is the same, so you might like to try the positive (North) raised side for short periods.

All Magnetic Influence products are designed to be washed as the magnets can be removed beforehand. Many other magnetic products have glue adhering their magnets. Washing these products can influence the glue, and magnets can be dislodged or rotate position and polarity. Magnetic Influence magnets are encased in plastic so they can be removed and replaced in position.

The magnets in Magnetic Influence products are neodymium and iron boron magnets which are the latest technology, strongest magnets available.

When it comes to magnetic therapy the effectiveness of the treatment is relative to the strength of the magnet. Magnetic Influence magnetic therapy uses 12,500 gauss magnets. Compare that to most other brands that only use 3000 gauss magnets, or lower intensity.

* This excludes our insoles, which are made from flexible magnetic rubber, not 12,500 gauss magnets.

^ Not for use internally, by pregnant women, near pacemakers, near analogue watches or close to computer equipment.