A little about us

International Magnetic Solutions (IMS) is an Australian owned and operated company. Over the last 30 years we have designed, developed and manufactured a vast range of creative products including HandyMagnet, GrowFlow and Eezy-Fit.

Our scientific and technical teams are at the leading edge of world magnetic technology, with a commitment to manufacturing excellence in high quality, rare-earth, permanent magnets.

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We know magnets

At IMS, we have been aware of the benefits of magnets for a long time. In today’s world of searching for more environmentally friendly ways to do everyday things, magnets are rising in popularity.

By exploring our products and discovering ideas on how to use our products in our blog, we believe we have a something to suit your needs whether it be for storage, taking photos, or requiring a solution that doesn’t require permanent fixtures and fittings.

Other products and services

Through IMS you have access to scientific, engineering and marketing specialists who understand the magnet business well enough to best utilise the features to benefit your business. We supply both sintered and bonded types of precision engineered magnets with a wide variety of coatings and additions for products utilised in industries such as agriculture, mining and manufacturing.

Our R&D department combined with external alliance partners if required, can help you get the job done with ease. If you are looking for these types of products, or custom-designed magnets, get in touch with us here.