How do you treat limescale?

What is limescale?

Water is the greatest solvent known. Wherever it goes it dissolves small particles of everything it contacts. Two of the most common minerals dissolved are calcium and magnesium. These dissolved minerals cause the water to be hard. These minerals are then redeposited on pipes, hot water systems, household appliances and any other surface water may come in contact with. This build-up is limescale.

Limescale in industry reduces efficiency of equipment, increases fuel requirements and increases maintenance time and costs. In other areas this limescale build up reduces the interior diameter of the pipe leading to inefficiency, blockage, and even total destruction of the pipe or appliance. Therefore, it is important to maintain scale-free surfaces to allow maximum heat transfer and utilisation of equipment and appliances.

Before and after effects on calcium scale in pipes


Can limescale be prevented?

Magnetic water conditioners are a superior, proven, environmentally safe and non-chemical approach to the treatment of water. They prevent limescale build-up in household appliances that use water as well as on surfaces that water touches such as tiles, sinks and glass. These conditioners turn hard water into soft water by focusing a very intense magnetic field through the pipe wall into the water to be treated.

This very strong magnetic field interferes with the ionic charges of the mineral ions (salts) in the water, which makes them behave differently. This change results in the water acting softer. Calcium and magnesium no longer set like cement in pipes and on surfaces. Salts lose their ability to bind to the soil particles. This means that less soap, detergent and cleaning chemicals are needed as they perform more efficiently.


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