Pretty in Pink

Little girls love pretty things. They are drawn to sparkly, dangly objects — some given by well-meaning friends, others obtained after rummaging through auntie’s jewelry box. And like a bower bird that collects forage to bring home, all of a sudden my little hoarder’s room is overflowing with hundreds of lovely but not terribly useful things. I can put them in boxes or stuff them in the drawers and shelves of her desk, but there’s no more room for a single book (and shouldn’t that desk be for homework anyway?). I don’t want too many things to draw her easily distracted mind. So what can I do with some of these pretty (useless) things?

I solved a few problems easily with HandyMagnet. By arranging some of the prettiest articles using the pink magnet strip and some clips, I created some wall art while at the same time decluttering my daughter’s desk and freeing up storage space — making it actually easier for her to find things. Plus, the items on display are continually admired and remembered, so they get used more often before my daughter’s interest in them expires. If you don’t have a magnetic surface in your room, the HandyMagnet strips have small holes at the ends so you can hang them from hooks.

When the time comes to replace the sparkle with stationary, tools, scissors, and staplers — and then eventually makeup and makeup brushes — she’ll have a solution handy.

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